Chances are 1 in 8 that your Appaloosa has a hidden treasure in his or her background........ RANGERBRED HERITAGE! TO FIND OUT AT NO CHARGE, SIMPLY PRINT AND COMPLETE THIS FORM. Mail the completed form to: SHERRY BYRD 518 PINE GROVE RD. ST. MARYS, WV 26170 For research purposes, the animal being researched MUST HAVE AN ApHC NUMBER SHOWING ON THE PEDIGREE THAT IS LOWER THAN 279999. The ApHC Stud Books are not published beyond this point. If your numbers are higher than 279999, the ApHC can be reached at: (208) 882-5578. Call and ask the Registration Dept. for the numbers of the Sire and/or Dam of your animal. If the numbers are still too high, ask for the numbers in the next generation, and so forth until you have numbers that are low enough to be researched. If there are PC or ID numbers in your pedigree, the ApHC can often give you the parentage on these animals, as well. The CRHA Treasure Hunt is a free service to you, therefore your help in procuring these necessary numbers is greatly appreciated. Please include all available ApHC numbers in the pedigree animals. Thank you. You should receive a response concerning your horse's eligibility for CRHA registration within 30 days. __________________________________________________________________________________ Home History Roster Programs Registration Stallion List Membership News Links Sale Ring Myths & Facts Regionals Current Year Foals Show Rules Ad Rates Printable Forms Gift Items Kid's Kreations By-Laws National Show Results .