Myth: Rangerbreds are a cross between Appaloosas and Paints or Pintos.

Fact: The CRHA (Registry for Rangerbred Horses) is a bloodline registry. As with the ApHC, there are some approved outcrosses. PAINTS & PINTOS ARE NOT AMONG THESE APPROVED OUTCROSSES.



Myth: Rangerbreds are always small in stature.

Fact: Like most popular breeds, Rangerbred sizes range from 14.2 to 16+ hands.



Myth: Rangerbreds must have Appaloosa color and characteristics.

Fact: Although many Rangerbreds do exhibit the color patterns associated with Appaloosas, the CRHA is a bloodline registry. COLOR AND MARKINGS ARE NOT CONSIDERED FOR REGISTRATION ELIGIBILITY, ONLY ANCESTRY.



Myth: The Colorado Ranger Horse Association was formed to compete with the Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

Fact: The CRHA is an older registry than the ApHC. About 90% of all registered Rangerbreds are also registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club.



Myth: The Colorado Ranger Horse Association promotes only "foundation" Appaloosa breeding.

Fact: The CRHA recognizes the same outcrosses as the ApHC and offers it's members the same choices as to preferred horse type.



Myth: There are no benefits to CRHA Registry and Membership.

Fact: The CRHA tries to offer something for everyone, no matter what your interest in horses. There is an annual NATIONAL SHOW, FUTURITIES, DISTANCE & ENDURANCE PROGRAMS, LOGGING PROGRAM, OPEN SHOW POINT PROGRAM, YOUTH PROGRAM, and LIFETIME RECOGNITION AWARDS. There are REGIONAL CLUBS that offer their own activities of interest to their members such as trail riding, picnics,

local shows and events, etc.



Myth: Very few Appaloosas are Rangerbred.

Fact: At this time, it is estimated that 1 IN EVERY 8 APPALOOSAS IS OF RANGERBRED HERITAGE!




A special thanks to Paula Mayes, past Zone D Director, for this little bit of factual information.

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