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Registration Guidelines


While the CRHA Board of Directors reserves unto itself the final decision of whether any particular horse may be registered with the Colorado Ranger Horse Assn., Inc. as a general guide to the members and the Executive Secretary, the following minimum criteria are established to be met by any horse for which application for registry is made.




B-DECENT FROM FOUNDATION STOCK: Any horse that traces in an unbroken line of descent from either of the two (2) foundation stallions, PATCHES #1-Z and/or MAX #2-Z is generally eligible to register although the Board of Directors by resolution from time to time may reject from the studbooks any horse they, by simple majority vote, feel to be undesirable for CRHA registration. In the past the CRHA Board had admitted certain bloodlines to the registry but in 1988 the Board voted to drop the admitted clause from the CRHA By-Laws.


C-ACCEPTABLE OUTCROSSES: The following breeds or Registered horses may be deemed acceptable out-crosses and may be used in a CRHA Breeding Program: The American Jockey Club The Appaloosa Horse Club (USA) The Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada The Arabian Horse Registry The American Quarter Horse Association The Ara-App Association International Colored Appaloosa Association (with reservations) With the ICAA the reservations being: When first chartered, the ICAA allowed out-crosses that are not a part of the CRHA Acceptable Out-cross List and the CRHA will not register these animals unless they meet the hardship clause. Any other ICAA registered horse is acceptable with proof of parentage.


+Any mare or stallion used in a CRHA Breeding Program must be from the CRHA Registry or an Acceptable Out-cross Registry, must be registered with a recorded pedigree in a registry listed or show both parents' recorded pedigrees in stud books from the acceptable out-cross list in order for the resulting offspring of the out-cross animal and the Rangerhorse to be considered for admittance to the CRHA Studbooks. Proof of breeding may be required on any horse through photocopies of existing registration papers, a breeder's certificate, or sworn affidavit attesting to the pedigree (Responsibility for correctness of pedigree rests solely with the applicant). Since the ApHC ID and PC horses, The American Quarter Horse Assn. Appendix and the Arabian Horse Club Registry part-blooded horses are not a part of their parent Breeders regular books, photocopies of these certificates clearly showing that both parents are part of the specific registry out-cross breeds must be provided with application for registration for the offspring. The ruling of half-blooded animals being acceptable is: The out-cross animal being used can be Half-Quarter/Half Thoroughbred, Half-Arabian/Half Appaloosa, etc., with proof of such. Animals not meeting these pedigree requirements may be applied for and can only be registered after unanimous vote of the CRHA Board of Directors. Contact the CRHA Home Office for further information.


D-PONY AND DRAFT HORSE BLOODLINES: Horses of known Draft and/or Pony parentage within the last five (5) generations are ineligible for registration with the CRHA.


E-HORSES WITH PAINT OR PINTO BREEDING: Horses of known Pinto and/or Paint parentage within the last five (5) generations are ineligible for registration with the CRHA.


F-HORSES WITH DOUBLE ASTERISK: All horses currently registered with the CRHA who carry an (**) preceding their names in the CRHA Studbooks and on their registration papers must be bred to a CRHA Bloodhorse for the resulting foal to meet the registration requirements of the CRHA.


G-ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION, SEMEN TRANSPORT AND EMBRYO TRANSPLANTS: Colorado Rangers/Rangerbreds conceived through artificial insemination, semen transport, or embryo transplants are elegible for registration with proof of parentage.


H-ALL HORSES WHO DO NOT MEET THE ABOVE CRITERIA, but do trace to Max or Patches through at least one unbroken line may apply for registration. Acceptance into the Registry must be approved by a unanimous vote of the CRHA Board of Directors. Photos of unregistered parent/s must accompany the application.


I-PHOTOGRAPHS: All applications for registration MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ONE (1) PHOTOGRAPH; side view-showing all 4 legs and face markings. If the photo does not show all markings clearly, additional photos should be submitted and may be required by the CRHA Executive Secretary. Note: Legs must be apart as to show all four and their markings and the head is to face the camera to show the complete face of the animal being applied for. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES WHEN APPLYING FOR REGISTRATION. Also scars and brands MUST BE NOTED ON THE REGISTRATION APPLICATION.


J-PEDIGREES: All applications MUST CONTAIN A COMPLETE PEDIGREE OF THE HORSE/S APPLIED FOR, INCLUDING CRHA AND OTHER BREED INFORMATION (the out-crosses are often very hard to procure, therefore, please try to have all CRHA and ApHC pedigree included); Numbers of Sire, Dam, Grandsire, Granddam, etc. ON YOUR APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION, YOU WILL FIND A PEDIGREE BRACKET (reverse). PLEASE COMPLETE IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITY. If you are at a loss for some of the ApHC numbers and parentage, the ApHC can be contacted at: 1-800-729-9869. If the Arabian, Thoroughbred, Quarter, etc. lines are incomplete, that is how your registration papers will read. If you have made no attempt to complete this section of the application, your papers will be held at the home office until the pedigree is properly completed. We do realize that not all applicants have access to Stud Books and will overlook some of the incomplete spaces, but if no effort has been made to complete (such as blank or only 1 generation completed) the registration will be delayed until you have made an effort to meet your registration obligation.


K-REGISTRATION FEES: An application for registration of a CRHA horse must be accompanied by the proper fees and they must be paid prior to issuance of the certificate of registration. For active members in good standing, at least one member on the owner line must be an active (dues paid for current year) member of the CRHA.


L-MEMBERSHIP FEES: The cost of first year membership with CRHA is $25.00. ($20 annual dues plus $5 initiation fee) Further household members fee is $10.00 ($5 annual fee plus $5 initiation fee). If renewing a membership, the cost is $15 for the first household member and $5 for any further members. Youth membership is $5 (if there is an adult dues-paying member in the household) or $10 if the youth is the only household member. To participate in any of the Programs, added Program fees MUST BE PAID.


A Complimentary Membership through the end of the calendar year is given with all first time non-member registrations or inactive members. The following year, you must RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP in order to remain an active member.



First or Single Household NEW Adult Member $25.00

Second or more NEW Household Adult Member $10.00

First NEW Household Youth Member $10.00

Second or Further Household Youth Member $5.00



First or Single Household Adult Member Renewal $20.00

Second or Further Household Adult Member Renewal $5.00

First or Single Household Youth Member Renewal $10.00

Second or Further Household Youth Member Renewal $5.00



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